Humedics aims to improve the overall outcomes for patients with liver disease by enabling physicians‘ clinical decision making through fast and accurate information about real-time liver function capacity.

About Humedics

Humedics, based in Berlin, focuses on rapid and precise liver function measurement using LiMAx, its innovative breath analysis technology. This easy-to-use bedside test provides doctors with accurate information to support decision making in tailoring the medical treatment to the individual level of each patient  and to improve patient outcomes.

LiMAx has already been used on thousands of patients and the company is currently expanding its operation globally.


Management - CEO

Chalom Sayada

Chalom Sayada, MD, Ph.D.

As managing director of Humedics GmbH, Dr. Chalom Sayada brings to 25 years of leadership experience in diagnostic product development and proven success in commercial launch and lifecycle management.

Dr. Sayada began his career at Paris Robert Debre Medical School as a molecular biologist in microbiology and human genetics researcher. Dr. Sayada was granted several international peer reviewed articles, and received several research grants in France and Europe, in the area of Chlamydia genotyping and Virology drug resistance managements.

In the early-1990’s Dr. Sayada moved into the Diagnostic industry at Roche Diagnostics in France, where his contributions led to accelerated commercialization of the first infectious disease molecular diagnostics suite of Products, Amplicor from Roche Molecular, in France, and in Europe indicated for monitoring of adults and children with HIV-1, HepC, Chlamydia and Tuberculosis infection, and diagnosis of HIV & HCV RNA in blood banks in France.

Over the years, Dr. Sayada has formed and led several new biotechnology companies, in Molecular diagnostics and in Therapeutics Development, in Europe and in the US, to develop innovative diagnostics, antivirals and antibiotics products, leading to several successful registrations and commercializations.

Since 2006, Dr. Sayada has been leading ABL SA to build a fully integrated Diagnostic company, from R&D, to manufacturing, regulatory, marketing and commercial, with the focus to develop proprietary innovative molecular diagnostics and IT medical software and solutions, in Infectious diseases.

Dr. Sayada serves as an Independent Director for GenosciencePharma SA (France) and Qode Healthcare Solutions (South Africa).

He holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Chatenay Malabry in south of Paris, and a MD from Paris Robert Debre Hospital University where he trained as a microbiology molecular biologist.



Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Peter Galle (Lead)
Prof. Dr. Hauke Lang
Prof. Dr. Guido Gerken
Prof. Dr. Hans J. Schlitt
Prof. Dr. Ali Canbay
Prof. Dr. Stefan Fichtner-Feigl

Founders & Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Karsten Heyne

Karsten Heyne is one of the co-founders of Humedics GmbH. He is a Professor at the Free University of Berlin, with a focus on ultrafast spectroscopy in biologically-relevant systems. His research investigates electronic and structural changes as well as the specific manipulation of special organic molecule groups.

Prof. Dr. Martin Stockmann

Martin Stockmann is one of the co-founders of Humedics GmbH, and continues to provide advice and support to the management team on medical-related issues. He is chief physician at the clinic for general, visceral and vascular surgery at the Evangelical Hospital Paul Gerhardt Stift in Wittenberg. He leads the Workgroup for the Liver, looking at improving recovery of patients after liver surgery and transplantation. Stockmann has published over 100 articles in the field of liver function testing.



Martin Stockmann, MD, PhD, an abdominal surgeon at the Berlin Charité University medical centre, created the LiMAx test in 2001 and founded the workgroup for the liver.

Karsten Heyne, a professor at the department of physics, Free University of Berlin, conducted the technical development of the LiMAx test.

Humedics was founded in 2009, and the company began development of the LiMAx prototype, with initial capital provided by the High Tech Gründerfonds. Today, Humedics has about 10 employees and scale up production development is ongoing. In May 2011, Humedics successfuly completed a second round of founding, with Charité Biomedical Fonds, KfW, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin and Ventegis Capital AG joining as investors.